When Drugstore Feels High End: Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick

I love the feeling of applying a brand new lipstick. It’s one of life’s small pleasures, like getting in to a bed with fresh sheets or when the temperature of your tea is just perfect to drink. As much as I love the look of a fresh lipstick, there’s something satisfying about finally using it. So when my box of the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks arrived I was like a kid in a candy store.


Bourjois have a liquid lip version, confusingly named the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick. Honestly, the names are so similar I wonder just how many people will recognise that one is a liquid lipstick and the other a traditional bullet lipstick. I find this a very unusual and quite possibly unwise choice on Bourjois’ part but I’m sure they have their reasons. The name doesn’t detract the fact that these lipsticks are exceptional.



There’s something so luxurious and high end about the Bourjois Rouge Velvet lipsticks. The formula is unbelievably creamy; I did not expect it to dry down to a complete matte but, lo and behold, it did. It’s not one of those uncomfortable mattes you so often can find with drugstore lipsticks. It feels lightweight and surprisingly nourishing. I’ve never encountered a matte texture like it before, especially from something so affordable. They are highly pigmented and cover up your natural lip colour without looking thick and caked on. Because of their pigmentation you can get away with a one-swipe application, but they layer wonderfully, too.


The lipsticks came with Bourjois’ Miraculous Contour Universal Lip Liner and Primer which I have used but find unnecessary for the Rouge Velvet lipsticks. They don’t bleed or feather along the lip line and as long as you regularly exfoliate your lips (I tend to do so 3-5 times a week) you don’t really need a primer. However, it did feel comfortable and nourishing so I will definitely continue to use it with my other lipsticks.


Wearing the shade 02 Flaming’rose

I would definitely recommend these lipsticks to anyone looking for a comfortable matte to wear this Autumn without breaking the bank. They have an excellent range of shades from delicate nudes and pinks to deep plums and berry tones. They can be found at Superdrug and Boots for £8.99 each.

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*I received these lipsticks complimentary from Influenster. All opinions are my own. 


22 thoughts on “When Drugstore Feels High End: Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick”

  1. I’ve heard absolutely amazing things about these lipsticks and that they are great to wear. How long would you say the last? X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿www.kayleighzaraa.com

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